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Carpet  Making in Chiprovtsi

The Chiprovtsi Collection comes from the region of Chirpovtsi 96 miles north of Sofia and 11 miles from the Serbian border.  The town of Chiprovtsi has 2000 inhabitants. It is known that Chiprovtsi was first inhabited during the Thracian period and later the Roman period.  Ruins of Roman fortifications can still be seen today.

Throughout the centuries,  Chiprovotsi always thrived due to the mining of iron, silver, gold, and copper. Carpet making in Chiprovtsi began between the 14th and 15th centuries, but really started to flourish during the 17th century.  During this time, the ore industry was in decline and the town transformed into a cultural and trade center of the Balkans.  From this time on, woman have been sitting on three legged chairs weaving geometric patterns with harmonious combinations of warm and cool natural tints: yellow or ochre, brown, blue and green.

The carpet industry in Chiprovtsi is still alive today.   All of our rugs are hand woven by local artisans.

Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts can source these and other products for export.

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