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Pottery | Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts - The True Troyan Ceramics
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11" Baby Blue Pottery Plate
4 Qt. Black Pottery Casserole
11" Pottery Plate
Pottery Ibrik Small 2
Pottery Fruit Bowl Deep Large

Pottery - Everithing you need to know about Bulgarian and Troyan pottery and textiles in one place

In this website you will find the best handcrafted Bulgarian pottery and the finest Bulgarian textiles carpets on the Internet

Bulgaria’s civilization dates back seven millennia, much of which is well preserved to this day. There are still remnants from the Thracians, Byzantines, Romans, and Ottomans (several of which are UNESCO sites). Bulgaria has deep rooted traditions in agriculture and industry which have been refined and modernized over the years resulting in a thrinving export industry in the fields of pottery, textiles, spa and baths products, pharmaceuticals, and many other things.

Bulgarian Pottery and Gifts can bring to you all of that!

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